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From Hobbyist to Career Success!

When I first jumped into direct sales, I was excited, pumped and ready to build a million dollar team. Instead, I lost the vision, got discouraged and started jumping from one company to the next searching for that golden key. Maybe you are like me and have tried just about everything out there or gave up too quickly when you hit a slow month. I know I certainly have. My hope is that you learn from my experience and find success doing something you love!

My Scentsy direct sales success story began in 2006. I researched various candle companies, ordered products from a few and selected Scentsy as the candle company for me. I liked the idea of a flameless candle and saw the marketing potential for professional offices, teachers, and others who couldn't use a traditional flamed candle at work.

After my Scentsy Starter Kit arrived, I have to admit that I wasn't the fastest horse out of the gate. I sold a small amount each month and slowly started to build my team. It took a full 6 to 8 months before I picked up the pace.

Wonderful team members inspired and pushed me to make goals, work hard and keep trying. I will forever be grateful for their friendship, wisdom and support. With their help and leadership, our team has grown into a group of fabulous consultants across the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. This is something I could have never done alone. 

I built my business online and locally around my already busy lifestyle and family. Has it been easy? No! Early in my career, I wondered if all the hard work was worth it. However, I made a promise to myself that quitting wasn't an option. Happily, I know now the power of sticking with something and what the outcome can be.  

I love Scentsy, the products, people and how it has changed my life. I firmly believe it can change yours, too, if believe in yourself, work hard, stay focused on your goals and don't quit.

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Yes, it does take showing up for work and commitment on your part - anyone who tells you otherwise simply isn’t telling you the truth. However, if you're willing to take the necessary steps, you'll be amazed at how far you can go in just a year's time.

Because of Scentsy, my commitment to show up for work, discipline to work at home, and perseverance, my family has been able to to do things we once thought would never be possible.

Are you ready to change your life? Ready to commit, persevere and show up for work? If so, please contact me: 816-786-1564 (Call/Text) or

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Diane Drayer
Super Star Director

Diane Drayer
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