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Monday, April 06 2020
Disney Cinderella Carriage - Scentsy Warmer

Hello, Everyone!

I hope each of you are doing as well as can be during this time.  I find myself one day stressed over a situation I have no control over and the next day being more optimistic.  I suppose many of us have these same waves of emotions.  In the midwest today is it cloudy and windy.  If we can just get warmth and sunshine, I am pretty sure most of us here will feel a big since of peace and calm.  We have had our share of rain in March already!

I wanted to share with you a beautiful new warmer Scentsy is launching April 13th.  I was thinking maybe Scentsy should have waited to release this warmer and than I saw people's reactions online.   So here is our new Disney Cinderella Carriage - Scentsy warmer.  This will be a limited time only and while supplies last.  The price is $85 for US residents.  If you see this in your home, let me know and I will order one for you!

May your days be filled with love, laughter and peace! 

Your friend,

Diane Drayer

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